By choosing me as your trainer, you can be sure that you'll get professional, hands on coach who can motivate you and help you get to your own personal goals safely, realisticly and permanently. As a Sports Massage Therapist I have much greater knowledge of human anatomy, mobility and muscle maintenance than you're average Personal Trainer, which only guarantees healthier and safer training with me.

All the training packages are customized for clients personal needs and wishes. The actual meetings can be at clients home, office, jog track, gym or at my studio.

Initial coaching planning is allways free and without any commitment. So if you are interested in getting a personal trainer for yourself just contact me. At the initial plannig I answer any questions You might have, we go through Your dreams and goals and my plans to achieve them. 


These packages are only examples and we can make a package just for your needs. Single appointment with Personal Trainer = 80€

1,5 months and 5 appointments with Trainer = 375€ (75€ / appointment)

3 months and 10 appointments with Trainer = 700€ (70€ / appointment)

6 months and 20 appointments with Trainer = 1300€ (65€ / appointment)

12 months and 40 appointments with Trainer = 2400€ (60€ / appointment)

All the packages can be paid in monthly installments and all the prices include VAT (24%). Prices don't include any possible gym fees.


Couple training example package: 3 months + 10 appointments = 550€ / person (55€ / appointment)

Small group training example package: 3 months +10 appointments = 450€ / person (45€ / appointment) (4 persons)

All the packages are just examples and we can allways make a package to match your needs. All the prices include VAT (24%). Prices don't inlcude possible gym fees.


  • Initial interview and planning
  • Testing and measurements according to the objectives
  • Overall exercise plan
  • Workout programs
  • Food diary analysis
  • Personal nutrition program
  • Personal meetings with trainer
  • Trainers support for training and nutrition
  • E-mail and telephone consultations

If Personal Training seems too expensive for you but you still need help and motivation to achieve Your goals, than I recommend you to explore the alternative of online coaching!

For Personal Training services you can also pay with Smartum's liikuntaseteli and Liikunta- ja kulttuurisetelit, and also Edenred's virikesetelit! Further inquires about personal training services via telephone, e-mail or facebook messages. Contact information you can find over here.