Nutrition and workout programs are always done for you personally and to match your goals, whether it's to lose weight, increase durability, increase power, increase muscle mass, or just shape your body in a certain way.


Program includes:

  • Initial interview and planning
  • Food diary analysis
  • personalized Nutrition program
  • Supplement, superfood, vitamin and mineral recommendations

(Live guidance to nutrition program: 75€ / session)

WORKOUT PROGRAM: 100€ (include VAT)

Programs include:

  • Initial interview and planning
  • Personalized exercise plan
  • Personalized Workout program which corresponds to the customer's objectives

The Workout program should be updated every 8 weeks, so that the muscles don't get too used to the stress and you get the best results of your workouts.

(Live guidance to the workout program: 75€ / session)

When you take both Nutrition program and the Workout program as unified package, you'll save money. Nutrition program + Workout Program - 20€ of the unified price of the programs. And if You want extra help and motivation in addition to the programs, then check out the Personal Training or Online Coaching options. You can further inquire anything about the programs by phone, mail or facebook messages. The contact information You can find here.