Employee well-being is an investment that pays off. Working conditions are these days very monotonous, passive and it envolves a lot of sitting, which predispose employees to musculoskeletal ailments. And although the working conditions would be ergonomically optimized in the best possible way, people are not ment to be stationary for long periods of time, let alone to be sitting the whole time. Continuos sitting and monitor staring causes neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as in the long run even poor posture and chronic pain.

Corporate massages are these days widely spread operations. Reasons for this may be the benefits in increased employees working capacity and the reduction in sick leave and the fact that the tax authorities also support this activity and the company can reduce expenses for tax purposes and it is not a taxable benefit for the employee. Here's a quote of the tax administrations guidelines: "Employer can arrange massages to their employees as a tax-free advantage. Employer can arrange a masseur as a recreational activity, whose services can be used by the employees or they can make a deal of staff visits with the massage service provider."



  • Massage (I got a portable massage table)
  • Wellness lectures and ergonomics consulting
  • Work welfare days (massage, exercise and lectures)



  • Reduces sick leave
  • Improves working ability
  • Reduces stress


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